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This bread just came out by accident. I was 100% convinced it would not work but it did! I wanted to make a larger loaf of rustic bread than I did before, and figured that it might just be as easy as increasing ingredients proportionally. What could go wrong, right? I set the fermenting base for the night and started reading a little bit more about ways of making yeast bread. I should have probably done it the other way round… but it wasn’t too late to fix it. What is important is not to let the bread intimidate you. The sponge is what gives the bread the real flavor. It’s not like a sourdough starter, which takes weeks to prepare. But the sponge will need feeding the next day, which is where the additional flavor kicks in. The bread will be much more hearty and chewier. So my suggestion is: don’t be afraid of experiments since there are always ways to still fix your dish. More »