soup6I have been watching this butternut squash in my vegetable basket for a while and I figured it’s time to finally make something out of it. I usually don’t like sweet soups and I think that’s what happens to every soup when you cook it with any squash so my goal was to make a savory soup. I must admit it’s still a little bit on the verge of sweetness but has a lovely kick of spices as well. It’s a very rich soup and I wanted to add some kind of crunchy taste to it so I made eggplant chips. I will be honest with you. Before I made a good batch of chips, I burnt a few… I followed recipes that were asking to put them on parchment paper and put olive oil on them. Eggplants absorb fat so quickly that I figured that the best way would be to spray a cooling rack with vegetable oil and place the eggplant slices on them. This way they got the temperature going through both sides and they were not sinking in oil. If you decide to make them you need to watch them after the first 10 minutes in the oven or they will be either on the gooey side or get too dark and ashy. You can also save yourself this effort and serve the soup with croutons or a slice of toasted bread or baguette. More »

soup5I love creamy soups and the great thing about them is that you can smuggle all kinds of vegetables you want your family to eat and they will not know they’re in the soup until you tell them :) .This soup is very nutritious and aromatic. Kale has a rather bland and earthy taste so cooking it down with shallots and garlic gives it more fragrance and a richer taste. I add the frozen peas at the very end so that they don’t lose the bright green color. You can add some roasted baguette or crusty, rustic bread to make sure you have something to scoop out every single drop of this soup from your bowl. More »

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A warm bowl of soup was something that my mom would make every day for us when we were growing up, and would say that it is the healthiest part of our meal for the day.  I drifted away a little bit from making a soup every day but every now and then I make sure we eat some in my family. Especially now, during winter season when it’s so cold and gets dark so early,  a warm bowl of soup seems like an excellent idea to have when you return home from work.  You can do it the day before so that you can just warm it up the next day and enjoy that warm and flavorful bowl of goodness. Some people don’t even think about reaching for cauliflower in the market so I hope this recipe will help you change your mind. The roasting process builds up the cauliflower taste and the little bit of prosciutto (which you can substitute with pancetta or bacon) just brings it to another level.  It’s not only healthy but also low in calories and, what’s most important, very tasty. If you get a large head of cauliflower don’t double the liquids immediately but let it puree first and then add it gradually in order not to make it too watery. More »