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seafood paella13
If you love fish and seafood you will love this paella. It’s rich with fishy flavors and doesn’t take that much time to prepare. If you can find a premade seafood/fish stock that’s even better because it will save you up some time, but the way we did it actually brought out even more flavor. Or at least that was the plan… We made the fish/seafood stock but when making two paella dishes simultaneously, there had to be some glitches. We added the chicken broth instead. The minute we realized it we were both so upset but luckily we had to add more liquid at the end so we got some of the seafood stock in there as well.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that even if you don’t find the seafood/fish stock anywhere and have no time to do it from scratch you can still make a pretty tasty and fishy paella. There will be a lot of flavors from the fish itself and seafood.
My friend who lived in the south of Spain would talk about how her host grandmother (Abuela) often made paella for large family gatherings and used whatever seafood or fish was available at the local market. What I really like about paella is that there is no wrong way you can go with it and if you hear it from somebody who was comes from that culture and raised over a dozen of kids and grandkids and every single one of them licked their place, then you know you’re making something exceptional.
With this paella we decided to make the Sofrito base ahead of time and add it to the pan together with all other ingredients. With seafood paella you have to be really careful not to turn the shrimp and fish into mush. More »

plate2My grandmother made pasta, my mother made pasta, so now the time has come for me to make some. I didn’t want to make just noodles. I figured the first time must be something special, so I had the idea that it’s time for spinach tagliatelle. I searched through various blogs and websites and they were all different, so had to come up with my own measurements and keep my fingers crossed that it would work out. 20 minutes later the dinner was ready. My husband thought it would take me a whole day, and it probably would have been a longer process if it wasn’t for my Kitchen Aid pasta roller and cutter attachments. To make the dough, however, I used the old technique involving my hands :) I myself thought it would be more difficult but it wasn’t at all. And now I can’t wait to make more different types and colors of pasta. More »