rice2This dish is not only filled with nutritious vitamins but is also rich with flavors. With all the vitamins you’re going to eat you can probably turn a blind eye to the butter and parmesan cheese you will add to finish up the risotto. This could be served as an appetizer or a side to a grilled chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto, but I like to serve it as a dish in itself. If you are looking for a gluten free elegant dinner dish this is definitely it, just make sure that the stock you use is gluten free if it’s premade; or your best bet would be to use a home-made chicken stock. More »

So far wild mushroom was my favorite type of risotto but after this one I’m not sure anymore. This is not a very low calorie dish because of all the butter and parmesan cheese. If you are very scrupulous about the numbers you can omit the butter and cheese and that will save you a bunch of calories. However, today I’m all about the rich and flavorful bowl of risotto and will worry about the calories tomorrow. More »