There are so many ways to fill ravioli that it’s hard to really pick my favorite. Since I love mushrooms and still have some Polish dry mushrooms from my mom in my pantry, I thought I would go for that. When it comes to Polish pierogi I am more of a traditionalist and like to stick to the fillings I ate growing up. So I see ravioli as a way to infuse ideas I would never use for pierogi :)
This time I also changed the dough recipe a little bit and instead of a mixture of olive oil and water I added only olive oil. The dough was super soft and elastic and so easy to knead. The only drawback was that if not covered by a kitchen towel it would dry out pretty fast and cause little cracks in the dough. But taste wise I think it was much better. It was rich and meaty, if you can say that about dough.
With this one I also wanted to make one larger ravioli with a poached egg inside as an extra surprise on your plate. When you cut through the poached egg it will add this amazing creaminess to the sauce. More »

dish4Since I have some more butternut squash in my fall basket and the days are getting shorter and colder, it’s time for some comfort food that you can spoon out of your favorite bowl sitting on a couch under your warm blanket, watching your favorite TV show. I love pasta so what could be better than a bowl full of ravioli filled with butternut squash puree and ricotta cheese coated with sage buttery sauce. I really like using butternut squash because it’s more “meaty” and has fewer strings compared to other pumpkins.  Maybe it’s not a low calorie dish but it’s worth the sin.

I roasted the whole squash but for filling 30 ravioli I used only half of the puree.  This means I can freeze the other half and use it later for filling cannelloni or mixing with breakfast pancake batter, and saving a lot of time. More »