cake14This combination outgrew my expectations! First I was afraid the cake would be too sweet, and then I was afraid that I messed up the measurements for the chocolate bottom because I was basically going with a hunch. But most of all I was just afraid that cheese and peanut butter are flavors that don’t go together well. I was wrong again!
This is definitely one of the heaviest cakes I made in a while. And I don’t only mean heavy in calories but once you lift the platter you will know what I mean.
I have used white farmer’s cheese from the Polish store (it’s packed in cute little buckets). But you can replace it with cream cheese. When it comes to cheesecake I still prefer to use the farmer’s cheese just like my mom would.
It’s best for the cheesecake to rest in the fridge overnight before you serve it (or at least 6 hours).
The night before I prepared the base, cheese filling and baked it and the following day I finished the glaze and whipped cream. More »