front paczki

Doughnuts are the most popular treat for Fat Thursday. I think they taste best on the day of frying. They become a little heavier on the following days. This is the recipe that my mom has always used, however I had to replace the fresh yeast with instant yeast. It’s pretty hard to find fresh yeast anywhere in the U.S. or Canada except for some Polish delis. I also had to cut the amount of ingredients because my mother’s original recipe delivers 30 doughnuts. The traditional filling is a rosehip jam but if you can’t find that in your neighborhood grocery, you can use a strawberry or plum jelly. The truth is you can fill it with chocolate, caramel and vanilla pastry or any other jelly you like. Some recipes recommend filling the doughnuts before frying and just making sure they are sealed well, but I prefer to do it afterwards. This way I know none of the filling will leak out and the doughnuts will fry evenly. The white stripe around the doughnut proves that the dough is light and fluffy and that you kneaded it well. It has nothing to do with the amount of oil in the Dutch oven. More »