done17It’s been a while since I posted something sweet and chocolaty so this recipe is for cupcakes that are filled and covered with chocolate from the top to bottom. I made them in a small cupcake form so whenever you eat one you will feel less guilty about the calories and sugar rush. Those tiny cupcakes just make a perfect teaser for your sweet tooth. They are not overwhelming and provide the ultimate amount of chocolate that we all sometimes need.
When I first saw this recipe on America’s Test Kitchen I thought it was insane and a little too much of chocolate in chocolate. I know it sounds wrong and there is no such thing as too much chocolate… but I’m not a huge fan of super sweet stuff and the amount of chocolate just looked humongous. However, you should try making it and judge for yourself. I definitely am a big fan of this recipe and will confess that these cupcakes have some adequate amount of sweetness and chocolate. More »