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This is a very colorful dish, and just as the leaves change their color at this time of the year, this dish will only enhance the changes. Very often if I have no clue what to cook for dinner I reach for recipes that I know have been tested and will work out for sure.  This recipe was taken from America’s Test Kitchen and I must say that no matter how goofy the leading chefs are, they know what they are talking about. So here is a pork dinner recipe that will always work.

Many times people don’t want to cook pork because it’s very easy to overcook it and dry it out. I can’t agree more and it took me several attempts until I figured out the secret. It’s all about the brine. The best solution is always to brine the night before you plan your dinner, but even 30 minutes of brining while you’re prepping all the ingredients will make quite a difference. More »

I have made pork chops and lamb chops before but never actually got around to veal chops. I picked the milk-fed veal because the meat is leaner and more pink rather than the darker and fattier of the grain-fed calves. It’s such a beautiful and delicate meat that is definitely worth taking the time to make it. It’s very easy to overcook it so I was sticking to the timing pretty strictly. I marinated the chops the night before but if you don’t have time to do this I would recommend marinating and keeping in the fridge for at least an hour.veal chop

I love all the types of seasonal vegetables that I can find in the local markets in Montreal.  I especially like the Marche Jean Talon as none of the others I visited throughout the last month offered such a selection and diversity of seasonal produce. It may sound funny but this place is so intimidating that picking such a simple and common veggie like potato is easier said than done.

Finally, I picked some yellow and red baby potatoes and also threw some fresh asparagus into the basket to make the dinner plate complete.
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