done17It’s been a while since I posted something sweet and chocolaty so this recipe is for cupcakes that are filled and covered with chocolate from the top to bottom. I made them in a small cupcake form so whenever you eat one you will feel less guilty about the calories and sugar rush. Those tiny cupcakes just make a perfect teaser for your sweet tooth. They are not overwhelming and provide the ultimate amount of chocolate that we all sometimes need.
When I first saw this recipe on America’s Test Kitchen I thought it was insane and a little too much of chocolate in chocolate. I know it sounds wrong and there is no such thing as too much chocolate… but I’m not a huge fan of super sweet stuff and the amount of chocolate just looked humongous. However, you should try making it and judge for yourself. I definitely am a big fan of this recipe and will confess that these cupcakes have some adequate amount of sweetness and chocolate. More »

cake3This is a no kidding calorie bomb! You don’t make a cake like this every day, or even every month. This is a special occasion cake only. My mother used to make a meringue cake for birthdays in my family. So I like to follow this tradition and make that special treat for my loved ones.
There are so many ways to play with layers between each meringue cake. But if you don’t feel adventurous enough to do that, a simple mix of mascarpone cheese and whipped cream with a little passion fruit on the top will also be great. More »

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Since the last two weeks involved eating a lot of Polish food I think it’s time for some French classic dessert, a decadent, chocolaty tart with a tiny hint of coffee flavor. It’s a recipe from Anna Olson’s Canadian baking TV show that I enjoy watching.  Her show is simple and straightforward but what I really like about it is that her recipes actually work.  I have tried different recipes for tart pastry and many times the shell became too crumbly.  That was fixed this time with the magic ingredient of cornstarch.
You can leave it plain and simple or just add some whipped cream, fruit and little chocolate garnishes that are very easy to make and turn the dessert to piece of art. It will surely impress all your friends and family after Sunday dinner. More »