cake14This combination outgrew my expectations! First I was afraid the cake would be too sweet, and then I was afraid that I messed up the measurements for the chocolate bottom because I was basically going with a hunch. But most of all I was just afraid that cheese and peanut butter are flavors that don’t go together well. I was wrong again!
This is definitely one of the heaviest cakes I made in a while. And I don’t only mean heavy in calories but once you lift the platter you will know what I mean.
I have used white farmer’s cheese from the Polish store (it’s packed in cute little buckets). But you can replace it with cream cheese. When it comes to cheesecake I still prefer to use the farmer’s cheese just like my mom would.
It’s best for the cheesecake to rest in the fridge overnight before you serve it (or at least 6 hours).
The night before I prepared the base, cheese filling and baked it and the following day I finished the glaze and whipped cream. More »

cake7Cheesecake has always been on the table for every holiday in our family. But who says you need to wait for holidays to make one? The only problem I had here in Montreal or back in the US that I can’t find the right cheese that I usually would use in Poland. The only place that had it so far was Polish grocery stores. As a replacement I use the cream cheese which apparently is the type of cheese everyone uses in the US and Canada. I found some inspiration at the foodnetwork magazine  but I twisted the recipe quite a bit. I really liked the use of cranberries especially since they are available everywhere right now. It might be a fresh idea to use during Thanksgiving next to the pumpkin pie and other goodness. The tartness of cranberries matches perfectly the creaminess and sweetness of the cake and its chocolate bottom. More »