pierogi5This can’t get any more traditional. Polish pierogi with meat, sauerkraut and dry wild mushrooms.
I also like the non meat version or the ones with potatoes and cheese and I can’t actually decide which are my favorites. Growing up, my mom would make those more often because she would always have some leftover meat from Sunday chicken soup, not to mention dried mushrooms that she hand picks every year in the fall, or home-made sauerkraut that she usually makes in a large jar starting early Fall.
They might seem time consuming, but once you make that one large batch, they freeze well and they taste pretty great fried, especially with some bacon.  If the amount of pierogi seems a little too much, then use half of the ingredients.  But it’s almost impossible to have too many pierogi. :) More »

shrimp with riceThis is part two of preparing a very quick dinner using shrimp. It really cannot get any simpler. You can obviously add more veggies and spices because this is just an idea to kick start your imagination to get you to play with flavors. And you know what’s great about this, is that you can make the sauce while the rice is boiling. More »

salad4There are days when I need something light for dinner that doesn’t involve much preparation work. This is my idea for summer salad that is tasty and satisfying with lean protein.  I always have a pack of frozen raw shrimp in my freezer and when my husband travels I spoil myself with unlimited seafood dishes.  I really like arugula and I had some leftover from the tomato tart I made a few days ago. I used one large tomato that I bought at the farmers market but you can replace it with cherry tomatoes if you like them better.  It makes a perfect light dinner or lunch the following day but you have to refrain yourself from pouring the orange vinaigrette all over the whole bowl. More »

One of my favorite cooking books is Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home. It not only has great recipes but the playful banter between two amazing chefs, Julia Child and Jacques Pepin, over the dishes is just so heartwarming. They give you two different perspectives of one dish, leaving you eventually to pick one side as a favorite, or to create your own third way out.
This is a very simple recipe. It doesn’t involve a lot of preparation. It does take time to cook it but you put in the oven when your guests arrive for dinner and forget about it. You can add different jam and fruit obviously but since it’s peach season I decided to use those. In the fall you can replace them with apples or pears or make a vegetable version of this rustic tart. More »

tart16 There are days when I just want to make something simple, with less mess in the kitchen. This tart couldn’t be simpler because it’s using thawed puff pastry and tomatoes. It doesn’t require any precooking except defrosting the puff pastry. It almost looks like pizza! At first I wanted to go very simple and add some mozzarella and basil on top. But during the baking process I decided to add some prosciutto and arugula instead. I still added grated mozzarella cheese and I would strongly recommend to use the shredded mozzarella because if you go ahead with regular mozzarella it will have too much water and will make the dough soggy. You can also add more colors if you mix some yellow and red tomato together. More »