With the barbecue season starting on Memorial Day weekend let me pitch in some Polish barbecue delights.

fire1This is one of my family favorites in the summer time and my mom loves it so much that she sometimes makes it on the gas stove in the kitchen. It does require one very specific component and that is the cast iron pot. I have a 4 quart iron pot but my mom has one that is 6 quarts. It’s originally made to prepare dishes for hunters in a bonfire after a hunting day.
I brought it with me from Poland (lucky me I didn’t have to carry it myself ;)) but you can prepare it in a cast iron pot on your stove, or on a cast iron Dutch oven that can be used in the fire, which you can find at a camping store.
This recipe has some basic veggie and meat ingredients. You can try adding some other veggies but I think that the simpler version is better in this case. My mom tried adding mushrooms and carrots once and the whole family voted against it. It just completely changed the taste. Just make sure that when you pick a sausage it’s a real pork sausage. Avoid all the turkey and beef mixes.

Serving: at least 6 servings
Preparation: 20 minutes
Cooking : from 1 hour to 2h

3 oz of pork shoulder
2 oz country style rib
3 oz of thick cut bacon/preferably pork belly
1 link of pork sausage
8-10 white cabbage leaves
1 onion
10 oz of green beans
Handful of dill and parsley stalk
8 large russet potatoes, peeled and sliced
Salt, pepper

Prepare all the ingredients. Begin with cutting the meat and put it aside.

Rinse all the vegetables. Peel the potatoes and slice them into ¼ inch size slices.
Cut the string beans into half if they are long, and remove the tips.
Dice the onion, dill and parsley. I myself am not a big fun of either dill or parsley so I prefer not to add too much. But if you like it you can always add more.
Mix all the veggies in a large bowl and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Prepare the pot. Layer it with tin foil first and then with cabbage leaves.
kolaz layersNow put a layer of meat and layer of veggie mix and then repeat the process until the pot is full.
kolaz final layer
Cover it with cabbage leaves and seal it.
cooked kociolek
If you are cooking it in an outdoor fire make sure it’s small or otherwise it will smoke and burn the ingredients instead of cooking them. It will take around 1 hour. If you make it on the stove it will take approximately 2 hours.


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