This is such an easy recipe but I had a hard time to figure out what I should call them in English.
In Polish we call these Malosolne (maw-oh-SOL-ne).


I have seen different names at the farmers market and when I tasted them some were close in taste to the ones my mom makes. But not quite…  I don’t want to call them sour because there is no single drop of vinegar in them. And many times there are more spices in them that I don’t want. These are the simple pickles that you will find in many groceries and farmers stands or at homes at this time of the year in Poland. It’s exactly the same brine that you would use for regular Polish pickles in brine.  However the cucumbers you find at markets now are still coming from green houses so they might not survive the long term pickling too well.  Hopefully within a month or two maximum you will be able to get the seasonal cucumbers grown in the ground, but if you are not sure what you’re getting, simply ask.  I will be making lots of jars this year again to keep us going through winter time and will be happy to share canning methods with you later :)


It takes only 3 to 4 days to pickle those and you should eat them within the next week maximum. They will be super crunchy and refreshing either as a snack or addition to your salad or barbecue meat. I just like to open a jar and eat them directly from there :)

The most difficult part I faced was finding the right dill and fresh root of horseradish.  Eventually I bought the dill in a pot since I couldn’t find the pickling dill, and for this type of pickles you can use the cut dill that you can usually find in a store. Finding horseradish wasn’t easy either. I searched at Farmers Market with no luck and finally found it at Harris Teeter. You will need either a large empty jar or two small ones to hold your cucumbers and brine. The important part is the water and salt ratio. It should be 1 ½ tablespoon for 1 liter of water (4 cups). So if you end up buying more cucumbers you will have to increase the ratio. And remember that when you pick them in a stand, make sure you touch every single one and pick only those that are tough and firm and no yellow color is coming through.

10 small cucumbers
4 sprigs of fresh dill or pickling dill
2 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon/ cube of fresh horseradish, cut into two (approx 1/4 oz)
1 ½ tablespoon of table salt
4 cups of water
1 large jar/ceramic container

Clean the cucumbers and soak them in ice cold water for couple of minutes.

In the meantime clean the jar and prepare the rest of the ingredients. Boil the water and transfer to a large cup and then add the salt and whisk it until the salt dissolves. You want to pour warm or hot water with salt over the cucumbers so that they brine fast. You only pour cold water when you are making the regular pickles. Put two sprigs of dill on the bottom of the jar.  Cut the clove into two and put it in there as well, then add the horseradish. Start putting the cucumbers in the jars. If you can’t fit them into one jar or ceramic container you will need additional garlic clove and piece of horseradish as well as more dill.
Put the other part of the dill on the top of the cucumbers and then pour the hot water over them.
Close the jar or cover the ceramic container with a plate.
It doesn’t have to be sealed super tight because you are not going to pickle them for longer than 3-4 days. Keep the jar on the counter in your kitchen and not in the fridge.
And once you figure out how you like your pickles best, you can change their flavor and add more garlic or mustard seeds or chili flakes. Just have fun creating your own pickles!


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