faworkiThey may be called differently in different parts of Poland but they will always be the same delicious golden crispy deep fried bowties. Poles celebrate Fat Thursday instead of Fat Tuesday as in other countries. And of course Fat Thursday is the last Thursday before the beginning of Lent.  On Fat Thursday, we make various carnival treats, and faworki is one of them. This is the day when you put away all diets and need to eat at least one doughnut (a recipe that I will post soon) or a few pieces of faworki.
My grandmother would always use lard for frying.  In the past, lard was more accessible than oil so many traditional recipes still ask for it. I don’t really like the little scent that stays with the dough when I use lard, so I prefer to use canola oil. But feel free to try it the other way.

Depending on the size you will have between 60-80 faworki
Preparation:  1 h
Frying : 30 minutes to 1 hour
Calories for an average size piece weighing 0.6oz/17g – 80 calories

16 oz (3 cups)/450 g of all purpose flour
6 large egg yolks
1 large egg
1 tablespoon of vodka
5 tablespoons of sour cream
Pinch of salt
1 cup of icing sugar for sprinkling
6 cups of canola oil for frying


kolaz dough mixing
Put the flour on a work surface and make a little well. Inside the well put all the egg yolks and one whole egg, vodka, sour cream and a pinch of salt. Mix it all first with a fork or knife and then start kneading. The dough will be pretty hard so if you find it too hard, transfer the dough into a stand mixer with a dough hook and start kneading the dough for 5 minutes or so until you see the dough is coming together. It may still be very crumbly. It will not be anything like pizza or bread dough.
kolaz resting dough
Transfer it back to the work surface and put together all the bits and pieces and form a ball.
Many people at this stage use the roller to beat the dough for 10 minutes or so. But I’m doing what my mom always did and that is cover the dough with plastic wrap and a kitchen towel and let it rest for at least 30 minutes. I can guarantee you will still have a lot of bubbles in your faworki.
Now the hardest moment…. rolling out the dough. It will be a little softer after the resting time but will still require a lot of work to roll it out thinly. So if you are all about working your muscles divide the dough into two parts and roll out the first piece into a large circle or rectangle. Cover the other piece with plastic and the kitchen towel so that it doesn’t dry out while you are working on the first piece.
Try not to sprinkle a lot of flour while rolling out because it will make the dough tougher.
rolling dough1
I like to use my KitchenAid pasta roller attachment because it not only saves me from a lot of work but also I don’t have to add any additional flour.
If you are using the attachment, divide the dough into 4 pieces. While you roll out one piece make sure the other ones are covered with plastic and the kitchen towel. Roll it our slowly starting from the largest size and finish with the smallest size, which is number 8. You can always roll it out to thinner option with a roller but then I think the faworki would be too thin and crumbly while eating.

Pour 3 cups of canola oil into a cast iron skillet and heat it up.
kolaz strips
Now start cutting out faworki. Put the rolled out sheet on the work surface and first cut it into long strips about 2 inches wide. There are no strict rules about their size, so you can make them 1 ½ inch wide or bigger. Try different sizes with your pieces and see which one you like most. I use a ravioli cutter to make the edges a little curvy. But you can use a regular knife.
kolaz foldingThen cut the strips into 3 or 4 inch rectangles at an angle. In each strip make a cut in the middle of approx. ½ inch or 1inch long. It should be big enough to push through the bottom of the strip and pull it, forming some sort of a bowtie or twisted ribbons.
kolaz frying faworki stage 1When the oil is heated start frying the faworki. It takes only few seconds to fry on each side. So before you start frying I recommend preparing the working line. The best thing to flip them with while frying is a wooden skewer stick. Put a large plate with paper towels on it next to the pan. The best way to fish out faworki fast from the oil is by using a spider spoon. And now you are ready to fry.
kolaz frying faworki stage 2Don’t put more than 2 or 3 pieces in a pan as it will be more difficult to flip fast. Once you put one into the hot oil it will start to bubble and change color to golden, and very quickly into golden brown. Try to flip them when they are still lightly golden.
frying layout
Let them cool down on the paper towels to get rid of the oil.

kolaz icing sugar

Sprinkle them generously with powdered sugar when they are cooled down.
Once you fry the first batch of the dough, take the pan off the heat and roll out the other piece of the dough. Follow exactly the same cutting and frying procedure.
After you fry two batches of faworki you will see there is going to be a lot of flower at the bottom of your pan.  This would be a good time to heat up the other 3 cups of oil in a new pan, or to dump the used oil.  Remember to wait a bit to cool it down and then clean the pan and heat up the remaining oil.


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