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salad3A friend told me that every picnic basket should include potato salad or any salad with mayonnaise. Let’s the skip the mayonnaise part since we have enough of the redundant albeit inevitable calories in there. I am using a Food Network recipe for sauce for the German potato salad, and my husband, having German roots, was quite appreciative about that.
I have used red skin potatoes but you can use Yukon potatoes as well. It’s great served either cold or warm. More »

rice2This dish is not only filled with nutritious vitamins but is also rich with flavors. With all the vitamins you’re going to eat you can probably turn a blind eye to the butter and parmesan cheese you will add to finish up the risotto. This could be served as an appetizer or a side to a grilled chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto, but I like to serve it as a dish in itself. If you are looking for a gluten free elegant dinner dish this is definitely it, just make sure that the stock you use is gluten free if it’s premade; or your best bet would be to use a home-made chicken stock. More »

kluski3This is a side dish that is very popular in Poland when you serve any type of stew or beef rolladen with red cabbage or a classic beef bourguignon. It’s a perfect solution if you are bored with serving just mashed potatoes. They not only look cute but are tasty and very addictive.
This recipe was passed to me by my good friends who are actual Silesians. More »

cabbage2Fall and winter season seems like the perfect time for cooking more cabbage. My husband says that everything tastes better with bacon and with this cabbage it really does make a difference.
It’s a perfect side dish with roasted pork rib. It’s rich and hearty and will warm up your belly on a cold night. You can prepare it ahead of time on the day before you want to serve it. More »