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Since a friend asked me for a recipe for Polish traditional bigos (BEE-ghos) / hunter’s stew I thought it would be the perfect time to make some. It’s a very traditional Polish dish, and it’s prepared for the First Day of Christmas, for Easter, or for bigger family gatherings because, believe me, no matter how hard you try to make just a little, you will always end up with a giant pot of bigos. The cooking process should take 3 days if possible, but this time I decided to cook it for just 2 days. It doesn’t mean that it’s cooking for 72 hours non-stop. You cook it for minimum of 3 hours every day and then let all the ingredients combine while keeping it in the fridge.
The great thing about this dish is that you can always freeze it and have it whenever you feel like having a bowl filled with cabbage, meat and wild mushrooms. And it goes great with a shot of vodka, making a fantastic meal for a cold winter’s day. More »

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This is a very colorful dish, and just as the leaves change their color at this time of the year, this dish will only enhance the changes. Very often if I have no clue what to cook for dinner I reach for recipes that I know have been tested and will work out for sure.  This recipe was taken from America’s Test Kitchen and I must say that no matter how goofy the leading chefs are, they know what they are talking about. So here is a pork dinner recipe that will always work.

Many times people don’t want to cook pork because it’s very easy to overcook it and dry it out. I can’t agree more and it took me several attempts until I figured out the secret. It’s all about the brine. The best solution is always to brine the night before you plan your dinner, but even 30 minutes of brining while you’re prepping all the ingredients will make quite a difference. More »