With the barbecue season starting on Memorial Day weekend let me pitch in some Polish barbecue delights.

fire1This is one of my family favorites in the summer time and my mom loves it so much that she sometimes makes it on the gas stove in the kitchen. It does require one very specific component and that is the cast iron pot. I have a 4 quart iron pot but my mom has one that is 6 quarts. It’s originally made to prepare dishes for hunters in a bonfire after a hunting day.
I brought it with me from Poland (lucky me I didn’t have to carry it myself ;)) but you can prepare it in a cast iron pot on your stove, or on a cast iron Dutch oven that can be used in the fire, which you can find at a camping store.
This recipe has some basic veggie and meat ingredients. You can try adding some other veggies but I think that the simpler version is better in this case. My mom tried adding mushrooms and carrots once and the whole family voted against it. It just completely changed the taste. Just make sure that when you pick a sausage it’s a real pork sausage. Avoid all the turkey and beef mixes. More »

plate1Moving back to the Washington D.C. area doesn’t mean I will stop using maple syrup in cooking. I haven’t used it that often simply because I was never a big fan of maple.  I can say that now that I’m no longer in Canada J. They will not deport me for committing a maple crime. I actually think I got converted just around the end of our stay in Montreal but only thanks to the fact that I found the right syrup. I can finally say I LIKE it and it tastes magnificent. We brought some with us so I will definitely be cooking with maple syrup soon again. This recipe, however, it is something simple and fast that you can prepare for your family after you get home from work. You can marinade the pork overnight which will definitely bring up the flavors. More »

loin12This is a quick and low-calorie dinner that hides a lot of vegetables. It takes so little time to prepare that you can do it after coming back from work with almost no effort. So if you can’t think what you should make for dinner, this is a great idea to make a colorful and tasty dish. The best way to serve it with is mashed potatoes so here is my little trick on how to them with fewer calories.  No one will notice, and at the same time you will put more vegetables on your plate. More »

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This is definitely one of my favorite pork recipes. It’s a large serving so I would make it for special occasions with a few guests. And it just makes such a great presentation when ready that it doesn’t need much comment. All you will hear from your family and friends is mmmm and ahhhh.
I have brined the pork to make sure it will remain juicy throughout the whole cooking process. I’m also making a little chunky apple sauce so that you can serve the pork on a “cushion” of apples.
This is definitely a great recipe that I would recommend for the upcoming holidays. Pork and apples is the best marriage, and this one also goes perfectly with braised red cabbage with bacon and maple syrup. More »

cabbage2Fall and winter season seems like the perfect time for cooking more cabbage. My husband says that everything tastes better with bacon and with this cabbage it really does make a difference.
It’s a perfect side dish with roasted pork rib. It’s rich and hearty and will warm up your belly on a cold night. You can prepare it ahead of time on the day before you want to serve it. More »