babka3At this time of the year my family in Poland would have been almost finished with preparing all the traditional savory and sweet dishes for big Sunday dinner. My family has been always pretty strict about following the rules of Lent and when my sister and I were little kids we always couldn’t wait until Sunday. All the delicious smells coming out of the kitchen were just making our stomachs growl with anticipation, and we knew we were not allowed to touch them yet. To tell you the truth, back then the dreaded Lent soup that we had to eat for breakfast on Sunday before we could jump onto delicious cakes, sausage and pates, seems a little less dreadful when I’m grown up. I actually miss that taste of soup whose main base was the leaven (fermented rye flour in water with garlic and spices) and all the blessed basket ingredients like sausage, egg, bacon, vinegar, horseradish and some spices. This year because of our move from Montreal to Washington DC and continued unpacking I didn’t have a lot of time to get ready for the Easter feast. But there is one cake that is indispensable part of Easter and doesn’t require almost any work. It will definitely be part of our dinner table at my husband’s family house. And if for any reason you wonder why I call it Boom Babka… it got christened by a friend who was surprised how I made it few years ago unnoticed while preparing the rest of the dinner. It literally takes few minutes to pound the cake and it comes out of the oven in the twinkling of an eye while you are preparing the other dishes. More »

golabki4This is my favorite comfort food. You can find hundreds of recipes for stuffed cabbage over the internet and some of them, I must admit, have nothing to do with Polish stuffed cabbage that I grew up eating. I like some ideas of replacing rice with barley or stuff the cabbage with just meat but I like to make them for my family in a rather traditional way. They also freeze well if for some reason you think it’s too many of them for one dinner. By the way, the correct pronunciation is “guh-WHUMP-kee.” More »