One of my favorite cooking books is Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home. It not only has great recipes but the playful banter between two amazing chefs, Julia Child and Jacques Pepin, over the dishes is just so heartwarming. They give you two different perspectives of one dish, leaving you eventually to pick one side as a favorite, or to create your own third way out.
This is a very simple recipe. It doesn’t involve a lot of preparation. It does take time to cook it but you put in the oven when your guests arrive for dinner and forget about it. You can add different jam and fruit obviously but since it’s peach season I decided to use those. In the fall you can replace them with apples or pears or make a vegetable version of this rustic tart. More »

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No matter how old you are you deserve a cake like this on your birthday! My sister in law is the lucky one this time and since I know that she loves chocolate and cherries, it will make a perfect birthday cake for her to enjoy and obviously all of us as well.
The sponge cakes are not typical fluffy ones, they are more dense and moist to add more chocolate flavor to the cake. This recipe asks for two of those but at the last minute I decided to make another sponge cake since I wanted the wow factor. I simply used half of the ingredients that are in this recipe below. More »

brulee10Classic and simple but let me tell you, the taste is far away from simple or average. Do you ever wonder how can you trick your basic crème brulee recipe? Well, first of all make sure you have the right amount of egg yolks; you just can’t go cheap here, and then infuse the custard with some lavender and lemon zest. It’s blossoming everywhere right now so pick few sprigs and add them to your desserts.

bruleeI followed the American Test Kitchen advice on the ratio of egg yolks in this recipe and there is no way you can achieve this richness using any other method.

And if you are worried about what to do with all the egg whites, think about meringue cake as a dessert option or a Sunday breakfast egg white omelet with spinach and cherry tomatoes.

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A lot of people think of crepes as a very typical French dish but they’ve been served all over Europe for years and it’s hard to really prove where they originated.
Once you figure out your favorite recipe, crepes could be your breakfast, dinner or dessert depending on what you stuff them with. I grew up eating them with farmer’s cheese or apple jelly for breakfast, spinach and garlic for dinner or, my favorite, sauerkraut with mushrooms rolled, breaded and fried and served with beetroot soup (krokiety), or even as a desert filled with nutella spread.
This recipe makes approximately 15 crepes and the cheese filling is only for 8 on purpose. I’m using the remaining ones to share with friends the next day with nutella and grape jelly :) More »

The rhubarb season is officially announced as opened. It’s such an unappreciated fruit but every time somebody tries it they are surprised how good it pairs with other fruit or even meats. I must admit that it doesn’t have the appealing look of strawberries or other fruit. But aren’t we all supposed to not judge a book by the cover? I must say that there is no better combination than rhubarb and strawberries but if I find one I definitely will make sure that it gets posted here.cake6
For this recipe I used my fool-proof apple cake dough recipe because it always works. I got it from my mom who never bothered to write down the measurements until I finally made her do it for me.
The tartness of the rhubarb goes really nice with the sweet strawberries and sweet crunchy topping.
And since the rhubarb season is so short I have to hurry up and make a few more dishes and maybe not necessarily just cakes. More »