There is no picnic without fired chicken. Period.
It’s a little messy process and I admit very easy to burn. I learned this method from one of the chefs in Montreal and since then I’m never going to make it differently. It always turns out juicy and crispy and that’s what fried chicken should be. You can play with the spices as you like but I like simple and classic with a little cayenne pepper kick. More »

tikka masala5
This is my favorite Indian dish that I would always order whenever going to an Indian restaurant. I love the flavors of the creamy sauce with tomato and other spices, with a little kick at the end. I used to buy prepared jars of sauce, that is, until I found this recipe on America’s Test Kitchen, and then played with it for a little while to fit my tastes. This recipe is very simple and I love all the spices and aromas that fill my kitchen while cooking. Because it’s fall, I decided to add some butternut squash to enhance the flavor, and have my husband eat a little more vegetables. I also recommend making your own garam masala. It’s a blend of ground spices that is used as a base of your sauce. Each Indian family will have its own recipe. Try to maneuver the spices in the direction you like. Once you make it the first time you can use it again and again. If you can’t find all the ingredients for garam masala you can buy a pre-packaged mix in most major grocery stores, or in specialty stores if they’re in your area. More »

chicken roasted8
We all have our own ways of roasting the chicken and there is no one right recipe that is simply correct. We all have different tastes and like different spices.  I myself one night prefer more cayenne pepper while the next time I will prefer to go deeper into cumin, garlic and ginger. It is all based on your likes at that moment. But there is one way you can always make sure that your chicken in tender and juicy.
And that is: marinade the chicken. More »


This time of the year brings hearty and warm dishes to my mind. Coming from Poland I eat all kinds mushrooms that are prepared in many different ways. I noticed that both here in Canada as well as in the United States people just reach for champignons or shitake mushrooms easily but are a little resistant to other types. Chanterelles are one of my favorites. Their golden yellow color brightens up every dish not only with color but also with flavor. What is really great about this type of mushroom is that their season is much longer than many other wild mushrooms. You can add them to you breakfast omelet or scrambled eggs, make a bruschetta, a mushroom soup, or a pierogi filling.
Today I have prepared a simple and time effective dinner dish with chicken and pasta.
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tomatos and eggplant fresh vegetables
I really love the tomato season and this time of the year gives you the best produce for any dish that involves tomato, eggplant and potatoes. I decided to try making a much lighter version of traditional Moussaka.  After I made some changes to the original recipe, I don’t think it should be called Moussaka anymore.  So let’s just call it tomato and eggplant casserole. My basic idea behind this recipe is that I wanted to use ground chicken instead of beef or lamb and wanted to replace the béchamel sauce.  But don’t you worry.  I’m not giving up on the cheese part completely.
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