toast4French toast may seem to be so simple to make, yet there are so many things that can go wrong with it. I think the most important ingredients are the type of bread you use and the maple syrup. I had the best French toast in a recommended restaurant Lawrence in Montreal by a maple syrup producer from Joe Beef. The bread was Challah and the secret to it was that it was stale. I was surprised how the toast was lifted by the good quality maple syrup. A couple bottles of that maple syrup came back with us when we moved back to States.
It’s been in my head since then so I finally decided to make one, using the Lawrence version as my template.  I decided to make the Challah bread first and let it go stale for couple of days and use one of the maple syrups we brought from Montreal. More »

My first experience with pancakes was from a Bisquick box. And it wasn’t that long ago. When I was growing up, we would eat crepes for breakfast and my image of pancakes was only from American TV shows. It took me a couple of tries until I figured out my favorite recipe from scratch and I think there are no better pancakes than buttermilk pancakes. They are fluffy and don’t dry out.  And so much better that premade from the box.
This recipe asks for blueberries but obviously plain ones are going to taste great as well. More »

A lot of people think of crepes as a very typical French dish but they’ve been served all over Europe for years and it’s hard to really prove where they originated.
Once you figure out your favorite recipe, crepes could be your breakfast, dinner or dessert depending on what you stuff them with. I grew up eating them with farmer’s cheese or apple jelly for breakfast, spinach and garlic for dinner or, my favorite, sauerkraut with mushrooms rolled, breaded and fried and served with beetroot soup (krokiety), or even as a desert filled with nutella spread.
This recipe makes approximately 15 crepes and the cheese filling is only for 8 on purpose. I’m using the remaining ones to share with friends the next day with nutella and grape jelly :) More »

scones3One of my favorite ways to start a Saturday morning is with fresh, fluffy and straight from the oven scones and a cup of coffee. Though if, like me, you are not an early bird they can be a perfect snack for your afternoon coffee as well. For this recipe I’m using fresh cranberries but when they are not in season you can replace them with blueberries or cherries or whatever your fantasy dictates. And believe me once you make them you will want to have them for breakfast every weekend. More »

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eggs benedict1

Egg Benedict and I are just meant to be together. If it wasn’t for the calories I could eat them almost every day. I figured out how to poach eggs but the hollandaise sauce was a challenge for a while. It was either too buttery or too lemony or too vinegary. I have followed all kinds if recipes including Jacques Pepin’s and Julia Child’s and every time the whole bowl ended up in the sink. Finally I decided to take the recipe into pieces and do it very slowly tasting after every single addition of butter. And I got it! To my surprise I was overusing the butter even though all the recipes that I followed ask for at least half a stick of unsalted butter or more. I used 2 tablespoons and it worked. It had the right texture and taste and, what’s even better, not as many calories as I thought. More »