steak5I love all kinds of steak cuts but this is by far my favorite. It’s a rather expensive cut of beef so we would not eat it every day. The flank steak or hanger steak is way more accessible for every day dinner and still pretty tasty. When I was growing up in Poland we wouldn’t eat a lot of steaks.  We would make beef stews, beef tartar or just grind it and combine with other meats to make things e.g. golabki. It’s simply because steaks were not “our” thing. Now having access to all kinds of cuts I like to make it up for all the “lost years”J. It’s always fast and easy to make a simple red wine sauce in the same pan you used to sear the steak. It definitely will take a little bit more time to make the béarnaise sauce, not to mention the extra calories, but this French classic, a baby of hollandaise sauce, is truly worth the effort. More »

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dishfrontSince the snow doesn’t want to give up I decided to bring out some culinary artillery to keep us warm and cozy during those dark and cold nights. It is time to dig into a classic: Julia Child’s Beef Boeuf Bourguignon. Yes, I admit, you have to put a little work into it, but not as much as you would think since you don’t have to supervise the actual cooking in the oven. It is not a light dish for sure, but sometimes you have to give up dieting to fill your belly with bacon, beef and wine. It also freezes nicely so you don’t have to eat it all in one night… unless you do :) More »

flank steak with sauce

Red wine sauce may seem like a cliché. Anybody can pour some wine and reduce it and consider it done, but not in this case. I like my sauce to be rich and flavorful and far away from being acidic and sharp.  I learned this recipe at one of the French cooking classes at Sur la Table and it always works! It’s a perfect dinner that you can prepare in 20 minutes after you return from work or when you have some guests coming because while it may seem like it’s pretty easy (and it is), it will still look pretty impressive on your plate.
I have used a 1 pound and 6 oz (approx 0,6 kg) flank steak. More »