challah6This is the first time I made Challah bread so I decided to use one of my favorite bread recipe books by Jeffrey Hamelman, BREAD. When I was a kid, my grandmother used to make it fresh and we would all eat it with warm milk. But this is the first time I’m actually making it myself.
This recipe yields a pretty big loaf of Challah bread so it will serve you for at least couple of breakfasts.  If it gets stale there is no better bread that you could use for making French toast. More »

tart16 There are days when I just want to make something simple, with less mess in the kitchen. This tart couldn’t be simpler because it’s using thawed puff pastry and tomatoes. It doesn’t require any precooking except defrosting the puff pastry. It almost looks like pizza! At first I wanted to go very simple and add some mozzarella and basil on top. But during the baking process I decided to add some prosciutto and arugula instead. I still added grated mozzarella cheese and I would strongly recommend to use the shredded mozzarella because if you go ahead with regular mozzarella it will have too much water and will make the dough soggy. You can also add more colors if you mix some yellow and red tomato together. More »

breadThis may not be a traditional picnic idea for the 4th of July weekend but if you are planning on making some kind of a sandwich, why not something that would catch everyone’s eye? I used my rustic bread recipe for this, but if you don’t have time for that, get a loaf in your favorite bakery.
It may remind you a little bit of the famous Pan Bagnat idea, except the original version was supposed to be combining wheat bread with Nicoise salad, where it comes from. But since my husband’s preference for bacon and prosciutto is much higher than for tuna I have decided to make some adjustments. More »

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This bread just came out by accident. I was 100% convinced it would not work but it did! I wanted to make a larger loaf of rustic bread than I did before, and figured that it might just be as easy as increasing ingredients proportionally. What could go wrong, right? I set the fermenting base for the night and started reading a little bit more about ways of making yeast bread. I should have probably done it the other way round… but it wasn’t too late to fix it. What is important is not to let the bread intimidate you. The sponge is what gives the bread the real flavor. It’s not like a sourdough starter, which takes weeks to prepare. But the sponge will need feeding the next day, which is where the additional flavor kicks in. The bread will be much more hearty and chewier. So my suggestion is: don’t be afraid of experiments since there are always ways to still fix your dish. More »

bread7I will never forget the taste of fresh, crusty bread that my grandmother used to make when we were small kids. There was nothing better in this world than a huge slice of her bread, with home-made butter and home-made white cheese, and some salt and pepper. The white cheese is on my list to do this year for sure but I first wanted to start with something more simple. There are hundreds of recipes for all kinds of bread. My goal was to get a small loaf with a very crunchy and crispy crust. This recipe is to some extent inspired by American Test Kitchen’s but without beer addition and I love the fact that there is no work involved with making this bread. The only bad thing is that you have to be patient, because the growing process takes an extended amount of time. But there is almost no kneading involved, just waiting until it grows and then putting it in the oven. More »