A lot of people think of crepes as a very typical French dish but they’ve been served all over Europe for years and it’s hard to really prove where they originated.
Once you figure out your favorite recipe, crepes could be your breakfast, dinner or dessert depending on what you stuff them with. I grew up eating them with farmer’s cheese or apple jelly for breakfast, spinach and garlic for dinner or, my favorite, sauerkraut with mushrooms rolled, breaded and fried and served with beetroot soup (krokiety), or even as a desert filled with nutella spread.
This recipe makes approximately 15 crepes and the cheese filling is only for 8 on purpose. I’m using the remaining ones to share with friends the next day with nutella and grape jelly :) More »

I love this season when all the farmers markets start to pop out in weird corners or parking lots. It reminds me a little bit of Poland where fresh veggies markets are everywhere.  I love to wander around all those little stands, have a little chat with the owners and smell and pick all the fruit and vegetables before I buy them.  I always try to get something new or some ingredient that I haven’t cooked before, but not this time. I picked my old good friend, the beetroot :) Did I say that I really like beetroots before?

I’ve seen some similar recipes when I was back in Poland so let it be a tribute to that. But this one is a little pimped out because that what salads are about! Have fun with it; don’t use iceberg lettuce all the time. Make your salad enjoyable.
This recipe involves a little planning ahead, but you know what, it’s worth it. The rest of it is pretty simple and fast so it’s perfect for a late dinner after a long day spent behind the desk. More »