With the barbecue season starting on Memorial Day weekend let me pitch in some Polish barbecue delights.

fire1This is one of my family favorites in the summer time and my mom loves it so much that she sometimes makes it on the gas stove in the kitchen. It does require one very specific component and that is the cast iron pot. I have a 4 quart iron pot but my mom has one that is 6 quarts. It’s originally made to prepare dishes for hunters in a bonfire after a hunting day.
I brought it with me from Poland (lucky me I didn’t have to carry it myself ;)) but you can prepare it in a cast iron pot on your stove, or on a cast iron Dutch oven that can be used in the fire, which you can find at a camping store.
This recipe has some basic veggie and meat ingredients. You can try adding some other veggies but I think that the simpler version is better in this case. My mom tried adding mushrooms and carrots once and the whole family voted against it. It just completely changed the taste. Just make sure that when you pick a sausage it’s a real pork sausage. Avoid all the turkey and beef mixes. More »

The rhubarb season is officially announced as opened. It’s such an unappreciated fruit but every time somebody tries it they are surprised how good it pairs with other fruit or even meats. I must admit that it doesn’t have the appealing look of strawberries or other fruit. But aren’t we all supposed to not judge a book by the cover? I must say that there is no better combination than rhubarb and strawberries but if I find one I definitely will make sure that it gets posted here.cake6
For this recipe I used my fool-proof apple cake dough recipe because it always works. I got it from my mom who never bothered to write down the measurements until I finally made her do it for me.
The tartness of the rhubarb goes really nice with the sweet strawberries and sweet crunchy topping.
And since the rhubarb season is so short I have to hurry up and make a few more dishes and maybe not necessarily just cakes. More »

How often do you feel like the dinner you’re making is just boring and you and your family have already eaten it one hundred times? I think you will like this recipe. I recently saw Geoffrey Zakarian preparing Shrimp Fra Diavolo on the new Food Network show “The Kitchen” and I figured that this is a perfect combination of what I like a lot: pasta, seafood and tomatoes.


Even though it might seem like a traditional Italian dish, according to some Italian cuisine experts, this is rarely served in Italy and is considered a pure American-Italian creation.

I have changed the original ingredients a little bit simply because I didn’t have some of them in my pantry. However, I always have a bag off frozen shrimp in case I get tired of eating chicken, pork or beef. Thanks to the anise flavor from Raki, the dish gets an extra earthy flavor which conceals the extra fishy flavor from the shrimp. More »

cake14This combination outgrew my expectations! First I was afraid the cake would be too sweet, and then I was afraid that I messed up the measurements for the chocolate bottom because I was basically going with a hunch. But most of all I was just afraid that cheese and peanut butter are flavors that don’t go together well. I was wrong again!
This is definitely one of the heaviest cakes I made in a while. And I don’t only mean heavy in calories but once you lift the platter you will know what I mean.
I have used white farmer’s cheese from the Polish store (it’s packed in cute little buckets). But you can replace it with cream cheese. When it comes to cheesecake I still prefer to use the farmer’s cheese just like my mom would.
It’s best for the cheesecake to rest in the fridge overnight before you serve it (or at least 6 hours).
The night before I prepared the base, cheese filling and baked it and the following day I finished the glaze and whipped cream. More »