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pie15When I think about pies, the first recipe that comes to my mind is Apple pie or Pumpkin pie. But this is another pie that is really popular but has its reputation of pretty easy to mess up. And I think I can see why. The lemon curd might be pretty easy to make too eggy or too lemony, and meringue… everything can go wrong with baking the curd and meringue together on top of each other. Not to mention the pie dough. How many times have you ended up having crumbly or shrinking pie dough?  Just like with the Deep Dish Apple Pie, the dough’s magic ingredient is vodka. This is an ultimate recipe inspired from American Test Kitchen. More »

soup6I have been watching this butternut squash in my vegetable basket for a while and I figured it’s time to finally make something out of it. I usually don’t like sweet soups and I think that’s what happens to every soup when you cook it with any squash so my goal was to make a savory soup. I must admit it’s still a little bit on the verge of sweetness but has a lovely kick of spices as well. It’s a very rich soup and I wanted to add some kind of crunchy taste to it so I made eggplant chips. I will be honest with you. Before I made a good batch of chips, I burnt a few… I followed recipes that were asking to put them on parchment paper and put olive oil on them. Eggplants absorb fat so quickly that I figured that the best way would be to spray a cooling rack with vegetable oil and place the eggplant slices on them. This way they got the temperature going through both sides and they were not sinking in oil. If you decide to make them you need to watch them after the first 10 minutes in the oven or they will be either on the gooey side or get too dark and ashy. You can also save yourself this effort and serve the soup with croutons or a slice of toasted bread or baguette. More »

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This bread just came out by accident. I was 100% convinced it would not work but it did! I wanted to make a larger loaf of rustic bread than I did before, and figured that it might just be as easy as increasing ingredients proportionally. What could go wrong, right? I set the fermenting base for the night and started reading a little bit more about ways of making yeast bread. I should have probably done it the other way round… but it wasn’t too late to fix it. What is important is not to let the bread intimidate you. The sponge is what gives the bread the real flavor. It’s not like a sourdough starter, which takes weeks to prepare. But the sponge will need feeding the next day, which is where the additional flavor kicks in. The bread will be much more hearty and chewier. So my suggestion is: don’t be afraid of experiments since there are always ways to still fix your dish. More »

loin12This is a quick and low-calorie dinner that hides a lot of vegetables. It takes so little time to prepare that you can do it after coming back from work with almost no effort. So if you can’t think what you should make for dinner, this is a great idea to make a colorful and tasty dish. The best way to serve it with is mashed potatoes so here is my little trick on how to them with fewer calories.  No one will notice, and at the same time you will put more vegetables on your plate. More »