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dishfrontSince the snow doesn’t want to give up I decided to bring out some culinary artillery to keep us warm and cozy during those dark and cold nights. It is time to dig into a classic: Julia Child’s Beef Boeuf Bourguignon. Yes, I admit, you have to put a little work into it, but not as much as you would think since you don’t have to supervise the actual cooking in the oven. It is not a light dish for sure, but sometimes you have to give up dieting to fill your belly with bacon, beef and wine. It also freezes nicely so you don’t have to eat it all in one night… unless you do :) More »

kluski3This is a side dish that is very popular in Poland when you serve any type of stew or beef rolladen with red cabbage or a classic beef bourguignon. It’s a perfect solution if you are bored with serving just mashed potatoes. They not only look cute but are tasty and very addictive.
This recipe was passed to me by my good friends who are actual Silesians. More »

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A warm bowl of soup was something that my mom would make every day for us when we were growing up, and would say that it is the healthiest part of our meal for the day.  I drifted away a little bit from making a soup every day but every now and then I make sure we eat some in my family. Especially now, during winter season when it’s so cold and gets dark so early,  a warm bowl of soup seems like an excellent idea to have when you return home from work.  You can do it the day before so that you can just warm it up the next day and enjoy that warm and flavorful bowl of goodness. Some people don’t even think about reaching for cauliflower in the market so I hope this recipe will help you change your mind. The roasting process builds up the cauliflower taste and the little bit of prosciutto (which you can substitute with pancetta or bacon) just brings it to another level.  It’s not only healthy but also low in calories and, what’s most important, very tasty. If you get a large head of cauliflower don’t double the liquids immediately but let it puree first and then add it gradually in order not to make it too watery. More »

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Since the last two weeks involved eating a lot of Polish food I think it’s time for some French classic dessert, a decadent, chocolaty tart with a tiny hint of coffee flavor. It’s a recipe from Anna Olson’s Canadian baking TV show that I enjoy watching.  Her show is simple and straightforward but what I really like about it is that her recipes actually work.  I have tried different recipes for tart pastry and many times the shell became too crumbly.  That was fixed this time with the magic ingredient of cornstarch.
You can leave it plain and simple or just add some whipped cream, fruit and little chocolate garnishes that are very easy to make and turn the dessert to piece of art. It will surely impress all your friends and family after Sunday dinner. More »