dish4Since I have some more butternut squash in my fall basket and the days are getting shorter and colder, it’s time for some comfort food that you can spoon out of your favorite bowl sitting on a couch under your warm blanket, watching your favorite TV show. I love pasta so what could be better than a bowl full of ravioli filled with butternut squash puree and ricotta cheese coated with sage buttery sauce. I really like using butternut squash because it’s more “meaty” and has fewer strings compared to other pumpkins.  Maybe it’s not a low calorie dish but it’s worth the sin.

I roasted the whole squash but for filling 30 ravioli I used only half of the puree.  This means I can freeze the other half and use it later for filling cannelloni or mixing with breakfast pancake batter, and saving a lot of time. More »

scones3One of my favorite ways to start a Saturday morning is with fresh, fluffy and straight from the oven scones and a cup of coffee. Though if, like me, you are not an early bird they can be a perfect snack for your afternoon coffee as well. For this recipe I’m using fresh cranberries but when they are not in season you can replace them with blueberries or cherries or whatever your fantasy dictates. And believe me once you make them you will want to have them for breakfast every weekend. More »

tikka masala5
This is my favorite Indian dish that I would always order whenever going to an Indian restaurant. I love the flavors of the creamy sauce with tomato and other spices, with a little kick at the end. I used to buy prepared jars of sauce, that is, until I found this recipe on America’s Test Kitchen, and then played with it for a little while to fit my tastes. This recipe is very simple and I love all the spices and aromas that fill my kitchen while cooking. Because it’s fall, I decided to add some butternut squash to enhance the flavor, and have my husband eat a little more vegetables. I also recommend making your own garam masala. It’s a blend of ground spices that is used as a base of your sauce. Each Indian family will have its own recipe. Try to maneuver the spices in the direction you like. Once you make it the first time you can use it again and again. If you can’t find all the ingredients for garam masala you can buy a pre-packaged mix in most major grocery stores, or in specialty stores if they’re in your area. More »

plate2My grandmother made pasta, my mother made pasta, so now the time has come for me to make some. I didn’t want to make just noodles. I figured the first time must be something special, so I had the idea that it’s time for spinach tagliatelle. I searched through various blogs and websites and they were all different, so had to come up with my own measurements and keep my fingers crossed that it would work out. 20 minutes later the dinner was ready. My husband thought it would take me a whole day, and it probably would have been a longer process if it wasn’t for my Kitchen Aid pasta roller and cutter attachments. To make the dough, however, I used the old technique involving my hands :) I myself thought it would be more difficult but it wasn’t at all. And now I can’t wait to make more different types and colors of pasta. More »

cake7Cheesecake has always been on the table for every holiday in our family. But who says you need to wait for holidays to make one? The only problem I had here in Montreal or back in the US that I can’t find the right cheese that I usually would use in Poland. The only place that had it so far was Polish grocery stores. As a replacement I use the cream cheese which apparently is the type of cheese everyone uses in the US and Canada. I found some inspiration at the foodnetwork magazine  but I twisted the recipe quite a bit. I really liked the use of cranberries especially since they are available everywhere right now. It might be a fresh idea to use during Thanksgiving next to the pumpkin pie and other goodness. The tartness of cranberries matches perfectly the creaminess and sweetness of the cake and its chocolate bottom. More »