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eggs benedict1

Egg Benedict and I are just meant to be together. If it wasn’t for the calories I could eat them almost every day. I figured out how to poach eggs but the hollandaise sauce was a challenge for a while. It was either too buttery or too lemony or too vinegary. I have followed all kinds if recipes including Jacques Pepin’s and Julia Child’s and every time the whole bowl ended up in the sink. Finally I decided to take the recipe into pieces and do it very slowly tasting after every single addition of butter. And I got it! To my surprise I was overusing the butter even though all the recipes that I followed ask for at least half a stick of unsalted butter or more. I used 2 tablespoons and it worked. It had the right texture and taste and, what’s even better, not as many calories as I thought. More »

chicken roasted8
We all have our own ways of roasting the chicken and there is no one right recipe that is simply correct. We all have different tastes and like different spices.  I myself one night prefer more cayenne pepper while the next time I will prefer to go deeper into cumin, garlic and ginger. It is all based on your likes at that moment. But there is one way you can always make sure that your chicken in tender and juicy.
And that is: marinade the chicken. More »

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scallops with salsa

I love all kinds of seafood and I am really happy that here in Montreal it’s so easy to find any type of fish and seafood. I’m less happy that my husband doesn’t like seafood but that leaves more for me :)
I have always been afraid to make scallops as everyone warns how easy it is to turn them into rubber.  These were my first scallops and they worked out perfectly!  And here is what I did. More »

flank steak with sauce

Red wine sauce may seem like a cliché. Anybody can pour some wine and reduce it and consider it done, but not in this case. I like my sauce to be rich and flavorful and far away from being acidic and sharp.  I learned this recipe at one of the French cooking classes at Sur la Table and it always works! It’s a perfect dinner that you can prepare in 20 minutes after you return from work or when you have some guests coming because while it may seem like it’s pretty easy (and it is), it will still look pretty impressive on your plate.
I have used a 1 pound and 6 oz (approx 0,6 kg) flank steak. More »